Your bond for clean electricity

Since its foundation, PV-Invest has stood for the generation of energy from sustainable sources. Power generation by means of photovoltaics is extremely effective and efficient, and the ecological footprint is small. On average, a PV power plant has saved the same amount of CO2 in its first year of operation as is produced during the generation of the individual power plant components.

Moreover, photovoltaics is a growth market of enormous proportions. Ambitious climate targets and the growing interest in e-mobility are among the main drivers of this growth. In order to meet the rapidly increasing demand for environmentally friendly energy, PV-Invest is developing numerous additional power plant projects in various countries in Central and Southern Europe. Currently, the focus of the company’s portfolio expansion is on Italy, the region where PV-Invest built its first power plants.

Since 2009, PV-Invest has regularly offered the opportunity to subscribe to bonds with attractive, secure annual interest rates. This regular issuance of PV-Invest photovoltaic and power plant bonds enables the further realisation of our corporate vision: the construction and acquisition of new power plants that generate electricity sustainably – thanks to the power of nature.

What exactly is a bond?

A bond, also called a fixed-income security or debenture, is an interest-bearing security for medium- and long-term capital procurement. The bond corresponds to a claim of the investor against PV-Invest GmbH. By subscribing to a bond, an investor becomes a creditor of an issuer.

The creditor is not only entitled to the repayment of the invested amount, but also to the payment of the agreed interest. The bonds of PV-Invest GmbH are fixed-interest securities, since the amount of interest is fixed from the beginning and is not tied to the occurrence of certain events.

The bond is generally considered a low-risk form of investment, as it has defined interest claims and a fixed repayment. Unlike shares, you know at the time of the investment whether there will be a return and how high it will be. The returns from bonds are taxed at the end of the investment period with the payment of capital gains tax, and no income tax is payable on top of this.

Track-Record Bonds 2023

Bond issue 2022

Download further prospectuses and interesting information on our new bonds here.

The securities prospectus approved by the Luxembourg Financial Market Authority (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier-“CSSF”) on 14 October 2022 and notified to the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (“BaFin”), the Austrian Financial Market Authority (“FMA”) and the Slovenian authority Banka Slovenije, as well as the related Final Terms, can be downloaded here

Base Prospectus for the Bond Issuance Programme 2022 of PV-Invest GmbH (PDF Download)

Advertising folder PV-Invest Green Bond 2022 (PDF Download)

Final Terms of 16.11.2022 for the up to nominal EUR 10.000.000,- 4,75 % fixed PV-Invest Green Bond 2022 until 2029 (PDF Download)

Final Terms of 16.11.2022 for the up to nominal EUR 10,000,000.- 4.75 % floating PV-Invest Green Bond 2022 to 2033 (PDF Download)

Offer Specific Summary 2022 to 2029 (PDF Download)

Offer Specific Summary 2022 to 2032 (PDF Download)

This communication is neither a prospectus nor an offer of securities or an invitation to make an offer nor a personal recommendation for securities of PV-Invest GmbH (the “Company”). An offer of securities of PV-Invest GmbH is made solely on the basis of a securities prospectus approved by the Luxembourg Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier – “CSSF”) and notified to the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht – “BaFin”) and the Austrian Financial Market Authority (Österreichische Finanzmarktaufsicht – “FMA”) as well as the Final Terms applicable to the relevant issue. The approved / notified securities prospectus and the Final Terms have been published by PV-Invest GmbH in accordance with the statutory requirements on the Company’s website at and are available free of charge from PV-Invest GmbH, Lakeside B07, A-9020 Klagenfurt, Austria.

Community investment

Community investment

PV-Invest also offers the model of citizen participation in its group of companies. This enables citizens to participate in photovoltaic power plants even with small amounts and to become co-owners of a photovoltaic power plant themselves.

Community investment in Austria

PV-Invest is active in Austria in the area of citizen participation with the company Unser Kraftwerk UK-Naturstrom GmbH.

Community investment in Slovenia

PV-Invest is active in Slovenia in the field of citizen participation with the company moja elektrarna d.o.o..