Hydro Power Plant Mlecva

The bottleneck capacity of the Mlecva plant is 249.95 kilowatts (kW). The power plant is connected to the local 10 KV medium-voltage grid of the Bosnian electricity supplier Elektro Privreda.

Installed technology

The heart of the Mlecva small hydropower plant is a Pelton turbine with a bottleneck capacity of 249.95 kW.


Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Region: Mlečva
Nearest town: Bratunac
Connected to local Elektro Privreda electricity grid
GPS coordinates: 44°04‘22,7“ N; 19°30’08,4“ E


Pelton Turbine


Bottleneck capacity

249.95 kW


EPC contractor

Green Energy-R



March 2019

Bottleneck capacity in kW