PV power plant Bratunac

The Bratunac PV power plant has an installed capacity of 250,0 kWp and is connected to the local medium-voltage grid. Bratunac is a ground mounted PV system with a fixed tilt. We have obtained all the required permits.


Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Region: Vlasenica
Nearest town: Bratunac
Ground mounted PV system
Connected to local electricity grid
GPS coordinates Bratunac: 44°11’38.1″N 19°20’17.6″E


Polycrystalline modules Kioto KPV 280Wp & ECO Delta 280 Wp
Fronius ECO 27 inverter
Mounting system: Alumero
24/7 monitoring system

Total nominal power

250,0 kWp

Electricity yield

1.170 kWh/kWp

Land contract

All rights secured.

EPC contractor

Green Energy-R


October 2019

Total nominal power in kWp

Electricity yield in kWh/kWp